Friday, 3 January 2014

Dr Oz weight loss tips and advices for losing weight #3

Dr OZ still have a lot of tips in weigh loss topic. we reviewed some of them in the first article : Dr OZ weight loss advises in a summary and discussed some in the second article : Dr OZ weight loss tips very helpful tips for losing weight #2
but as we said there are a lot of them from Dr oz that we will show now ,

Dr Oz Weight Loss

#Sleep enough , as the decrease in sleep hours can alter the level of some

hormones that control the hunger sensation , so sleep enough to regulate your


#visit the nearest gem! there is fact says that muscle fibres can burn 4 fold of

calories burned by fat. so get at least 30 minutes training in alternating day.

#Decaf Coffee! very important source for antioxidants , besides its a low-calorie fluid that block your hunger sensation.

#In addition to decaf coffee , you can eat some food based on liquid. which will help also in feeling full without much more calories.

#pedometer is your friend outside. (pedometer is that device that calculate the number of your steps) your steps must be more than 10.000 per day.

#Find any reason that make you move such as getting anything from outside , study while walking or going to your work walking.

#Find some triggers too that prevent you from eating unhealthy food and encourage your self to eat healthy foods in small quantities.

#Try using some vegetable bean dips like hummus in stead of others like ranch dressing or cream-based dips.

#Monitor your weight regularly, its a great trigger to continue that you see the results of your weight loss plan and see your weight decreasing.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Dr OZ weight loss tips very helpful tips for losing weight #2

As a continuation to Dr OZ weight loss advises , an other set of great advises in weight loss are placed here . its not for the obese person but also can help in reducing weight to normal ranges and to prevent abnormal increase in weight.

Dr Oz Weight Loss

now let's continue with Dr OZ weight loss tips:

# If you are tired from eating your salad on a plate you can fill a whole wheat pia with the salad with a splash of lemon.

# Healthy sex practicing ! its very useful exercise , it may help control what you eat and the amount of food too.

# You must avoid temptations by what is called emergency packs , it is packs you can create it and fill it with some healthy foods such as sliced vegetables , fruited , nuts and any other healthy food.

# Red peppers is Dr oz special advice for weight loss , as it lower what you eat after it , so Dr OZ advised you to eat it early in the day.

#Try to slow down in eating , enjoy what you eat , you can hold a conversation with a friend during meal so that you won't eat more that's necessary to feel the fullness.

# Dr OZ advice everyone search about weight loss to have a break to walk in easy simple manner before every meal , reduce stress , improve the circulation and get some exercise . ''little movement is very helpful'' Dr oz said.

# Salmon has a lot of benefits in weight loss as Dr OZ says , and you can eat it cooked . if you don't feel comfortable for it , try eating canned salmon , it has the same benefits for weight loss.

# The size of plate is very important to avoid eating excess food . nine inch plate is the ideal for a healthy dinner . Dr OZ advised also to get rid of big dishes . you may discover that plates with kid-size is the more appropriate for feeding an adult.

# Don't eat snacks out of the bag or carton box it came in.

# Finally Dr oz says that green tea and chili peppers help in weight loss as they boot the metabolism.

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Dr oz weight loss advises in a summary

Doctor oz gives us some advices in order to lose your weight, it is very good advices really that will help you greatly in loosing weight. let's show you what he advised us with.

Dr Oz Weight Loss

#First you have to automate your meals ! how to do that? simply by planning what you eat in a specified time , this planning will prevent you from choosing unhealthy food in the last minutes which will be misuse for our planning in losing weight.

#Oats! Its very useful , you can eat just a cup of oatmeal at breakfast thus prevent gorging after a while.

#Some foods will help you in being satisfied because it is reach in healthy fats such like walnuts, olives and salmon. and this may be all what you need in your weight loss plan as Dr oz says. and do not ever skip a meal as it cause activation of fat-storing starvation mode which can make it so hard to burn calories.

#as the previously tip , nuts also is helpful in feeling full, you can try soaking them with plenty of water.

#Meditation is an important factor helping you cope with the daily stress who may leads you to crave feel good crabs

#you must limit your time for shopping and also plan for shopping by prepare a list of what you need to avoid buying any excess food you don't need. Dr oz always say that to patients asking for weight loss.

#Feeling thirst are very close to feeling hungry , so do not confuse them with each other, drinking a cup of watter is enough to know you are really hungry or just thirsty.

#If you out at any restaurant you can ask the server to hold the salsa , bread , snacks or chips that come before meals.

#Finally Dr oz still have a lot of advices for weight loss and we will make sure we will publish them all soon , follow us.